In our nursery, clones are cut from female plants.  Thousands of clones are continuously generated, ensuring that only the heartiest make it all the way to flower. 

Did you know?
Each node  of a female plant can be clipped as a clone to become a whole new Cannabis plant?  

Why clones over seeds?
Clones are a way to ensure that successful genetics are continued.  (Think about your grandma clipping a houseplant and putting it in her window to create a new plant).  With seeds, you may not get the genetics that you’re looking for.  The same strain may have many different phenotypes (you might also end up with a male plant even if you think you have feminized seeds). 



The vegetative weeks are some of the most important in the process. The vegetative stage is the heart of the grow.  We replicate the natural climate of mid-summer, which encourages structural plant growth –  for Cannabis this means producing more leaves and branches, and most importantly, more nodes from which the plant will later produce flowers.

Did you know?
Each stage of the growing process requires a different environment for optimal growth.  For instance, clones and plants in their vegetative state are exposed to longer light cycles than the rooms in which flowers are produced. Light and other environmental conditions are used to manage the lifecycle of the plant.  



Cannabis is an annual plant, meaning its lifecycle is limited to just one season.  When the days get shorter, the plant senses the end of the growing season is approaching.  The plant then starts to produce flower, in an effort to get pollinated.

Our goal is to ensure consistency across harvests to ensure each strain’s characteristics, flavors, and fragrance are the same from batch to batch.  We also want to produce the most resinous flowers and surrounding sugar leaves. We do this through years of experience, cutting-edge fertigation technology, and mastering the climate – cold dry air produces more trichomes – which results in more oil.

Did you know?
Most flowering plants are monocious – meaning plants have both male and female flowers on the same plant.  However, Cannabis plants are Dioecious – from Greek for “two houses” – which means male plants have male flowers which produce pollen, and female plants just produce female flowers in an attempt to make seeds.  Without access to pollen, the female plants grow more big flowers which is the basis for all the Cannabis products we love to consume.



When the plants are at their peak of ripeness and ready for harvest, the buds swell and become dense to the touch, the pistils turn orange, and the balance of the plant begins to express hues of reds, yellows and purples... it’s harvest time!

One of 2 things happens depending on what product each plant will ultimately become:

  • If the plants will be dried for flower they will be defanned, dried and cured. 


  • Within 30 minutes of harvest, the plant (buds and all) will be frozen to -70° Celsius to make potent and tasty live concentrates.