Summit Live Sauce VapeSUMMIT Live Sauce Vape


SUMMIT Live Sauce is unlike almost every other vape product on the market. ​Think of our Live Sauce as the essence of the strain in a liquid form – it’s everything you want from the plant, much like a concentrate – it’s the cannabinoids and terpenes. Imagine “wringing” the sauce out of live resin and putting it into a vape pen.​  SUMMIT Live Sauce is 100% full-spectrum with native terpenes, meaning we never removed the terpenes to begin with.  ​

Most other vape cartridges on the market are made using distillate or CO2 extraction – both processes that degrade or remove the terpenes from the Cannabis oil.  ​Sometimes, the Cannabis terpenes that have been removed are added back into the oil.  More commonly, non-Cannabis terpenes (derived from other botanicals/plants) or flavors are mixed in with cannabis oil to replicate the taste and flavor profile of Cannabis. At SUMMIT we know that all vape products are NOT created equal.  We believe cannabis done right can deliver the perfect elevation which is why we are incredibly proud of our Live Sauce vape products.  Because we want to protect the integrity of our full-spectrum Cannabis oil and provide the best possible user experience, SUMMIT only uses the best vape technology available.

At SUMMIT we’re proud of our Live Sauce Vape products:​

  • No additives - just sauce​
  • No fake or reintroduced terpenes​
  • Available in a variety of our best-tasting premium strains​
  • No cutting agents or fillers​
  • CCELL® Technology​
  • Available in .5 gram Carts