Summit Live Sauce VapeSUMMIT Live Sauce Vape

SUMMIT Live Sauce is unlike almost every other vape product on the market. ​Think of our Live Sauce as the essence of the strain in a liquid form – it’s everything you want from the plant, much like a concentrate – it’s the cannabinoids and terpenes. Imagine “wringing” the sauce out of live resin and putting it into a vape pen.​  SUMMIT Live Sauce is 100% full-spectrum with native terpenes, meaning we never removed the terpenes to begin with.  ​Most other vape cartridges on the market are made using distillate or CO2 extraction – both processes that degrade or remove the terpenes from the Cannabis oil.  ​Sometimes, the Cannabis terpenes that have been removed are added back into the oil.  More commonly, non-Cannabis terpenes (derived from other botanicals/plants) or flavors are mixed in with cannabis oil to replicate the taste and flavor profile of Cannabis.


At SUMMIT we’re proud of our Live Sauce Vape products:​

  • No additives - just sauce​
  • No fake or reintroduced terpenes​
  • Available in a variety of our best-tasting premium strains​
  • No cutting agents or fillers​
  • CCELL® Technology​
  • Available in .5 gram Carts