SUMMIT ElevateSUMMIT Elevate

Unlike other SUMMIT products, Elevate by SUMMIT is a line of premium naturally-flavored distillate vape products.  These cartridges are a great choice for consumers who want a potent cannabis high without the terpene taste and smell. Available in .5 gram cartridges, Elevate by SUMMIT offers:

  • High THC Potency ~ 80%​
  • 90% or more Distillate Oil ​
  • 10% or less All Natural Flavors​
  • Discreet Use ​
  • No cutting agents or fillers​
  • CCELL® Technology ​
  • Available in 3 delicious flavors​
    • Citrus Blossom​
    • Watermelon​
    • Mint​



THC Classic 2019 Elevate by SUMMIT Winner