All vape products and batteries are NOT created equal.  ​At SUMMIT we are incredibly proud of our vape products.  Because we want to protect the integrity of our products and provide the best possible user experience, SUMMIT only uses the best vape technology available: CCELL® .

CCELL® uses a ceramic core for its heating element.  This technology is superior to ordinary wick and coil​ for the following reasons:

  • Uniform heating – consistent hits every time, doesn't burn the concentrate and allows for large puffs.
  • Many vaporizers use a wick which results in inconsistent hits/puffs.   ​
  • Heating with ceramic, not metal – ceramic is “cleaner” because it eliminates the toxins that could be present in metal heating elements.  Metal can also change the taste of the oil.  ​

CCELL® offers unrivaled vapor performance for premium extracts.

Why doesn’t my cartridge appear full?  The extracted oil inside your cartridge may be absorbed into the ceramic core heating element.  This is a completely normal function of the CCELL® cartridge design but may result in some cartridges looking less full than others.  We call this extra air space in the cartridge headspace. One CCELL® ceramic heating element can absorb up to 150 milligrams of the extracted oil, resulting in the appearance some is “missing”. Check out the YouTube video below for a more detailed explanation of headspace.